Partnership designs

We are perspective and developing group based on experiences and knowledge of individual persons, which we share together as much as possible so as develop them to create fine and powerful environment for expanding team of fellow workers and their clients. Our target is to provide complete and primarily transparent services in area of civil engineering. To fill up gaps between public and specialists. To help commencing specialists to find as fast their own way, profession skills a knowledge as possible.

Ing. Jana Trnková

Graduate from high school in Pilsen and then from Faculty of Civil Engineering at Czech technical university in Prag (ČVUT). From 2006 she work in area of construction planning and designs in cooperation with companies ZC Projekty s.r.o.,  Architekt s.r.o. a AP Plzeň projektové sdružení, 3D Návrhy s.r.o.  and then in area of construction execution in comp. BERGER BOHEMIA a.s.

On 2012 he became an authorized engineer for civil engineering at Czech Chamber for Civil Engineers and technics (ČKAIT).

He is the manager for PARTNERSHIP DESIGNS service, to his competencies belong leading of individual projects, training of partners and strategic development of company. He is also experienced guarantor of projects.


Our idea is to cover complete scope of services within civil engineering.  Do you need help with design or planning? Do you need building permit, arrange project coordination, skilled team leading for your site, or site supervisor? Are you searching for civil company? Do you want to build a house? Then you are on the right place. We are offering to you complete service package starting with set up of targets across architectonical design, detail planning, negotiations with authorities, obtaining of building permit, support with supplier selection up to completing of own site construction. Just easily choose what you exactly need. Complete service for your investments and adjustment of your financial means without worries, or exact detail part which is at yours wits’ end. Depend just on you.

Within our area of interest belong also reconstructions of existing buildings with special care for historical buildings and a help with searching for their new utilization.